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" Cuerdas y Más II", getting to know the ice glaciers

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

In the framework of the "Cuerdas y Más" (ropes and more) project, whose aim is to make caving known to children, in 2019 we carried out our first activity with the Miguel Montecinos school in Puerto Edén (check link:ás-primera-actividad-ludico-educativa-de-centre-terre-y-espeleopatagonia-en-chile).

In 2020, together with Center Terre, we hoped to be able to continue this action that aims to share our expeditions and passion for speleological exploration with the Puerto Edén schoolchildren. This was one of the points we discussed during the recognition trip in March 2020, in which the teaching team and parents received Bernard and Natalia at school to learn more about our Ultima Patagonia 2022 expedition project and future activities with the children.

We leave you the report of the reconnaissance trip in the middle of the outbreak of the pandemic.

The global pandemic situation prevented us from carrying out the expedition in January and February 2021 and, with it, the educational activity that we had planned to carry out as we passed through Puerto Edén, before setting sail for Madre de Dios.

You can check the latest news about the expedition project of Center Terre, Ultima Patagonia 2022, on its website ( and our social networks.

But since there is no harm that does not come, 2020 served to work on a much more ambitious educational project that aims to visit with the children of the Miguel Montecinos school the ice caves of the Témpanos glacier, explored by Center Terre during the expedition. Ultima Patagonia 2019. This is the preliminary project presented in November 2020 to the teaching team, children and parents of Puerto Edén:

With the start of school in March 2021, contacts have been resumed to fine-tune the project and start raising funds. Fortunately, wills are being added and there are already several public and private organizations that have shown interest in supporting us.

On the institutional side, the project has been presented to the Puerto Natales Municipal Corporation (CORMUNAT), the Ministry of National Assets and the National Forestry Service (CONAF).

At a private level, we count on all the support to be specified to guarantee the success of this activity, of which we will give details later, in coordination with the Miguel Montecinos school.

The activity is scheduled for November 2021, two months before the start of the Last Patagonia 2022 expedition. Until then, the school will work on pedagogical content that we will publish on our website and on the Center Terre website, in a section dedicated to educational activities in Chile.


If you are interested in supporting this activity and helping us to lay the foundations for an educational project of draft in Chile, do not hesitate to contact us at to know the details, the forms of collaboration and the counterparts that we propose. You can also collaborate with us by PayPal. Big or small, any collaboration is important and welcome.


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