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Introduction to caving - workshop · February-March 2022

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Between 26 February and 27 March 2022, modules I, I PLUS, II and II PLUS of the third edition of the Caving Initiation Workshop were completed in Santiago, RM.

On this occasion, special emphasis was placed on giving those who had already participated in the workshop in 2021 the opportunity to perfect their techniques. In order to work on the different aspects related to progression and self-rescue techniques according to the level of each participant, new modules were created. You can consult the contents of each one on our website:

Photo courtesy of Daniela Oyarzún


This year's participation was much lower than in 2021. On the one hand, because the target audience for three of the four modules was limited to those who had already taken one of the modules. On the other hand, the lower participation was also linked to the fact that many of those interested had work commitments in the field.

Be that as it may, after this third edition of the workshop in the Metropolitan Region, during the next months of 2022 and at the training level, our efforts will be focused on taking the workshop to the regions and responding to group requests. In this sense, we are looking at the options of bringing the workshop to Punta Arenas and Calama, so stay tuned for further notifications!

MODULE I - starting from scratch: February 26-27

Photos courtesy of Adolfo Durán, Vanessa Fernández, Natalia Morata

For the participants of module I, before the field activity, a theoretical session on the origins of modern caving, equipment, basic notions of karstology and the functioning of the French Caving Federation was organised.

MODULE I PLUS - improving progression: 12-13 March

This module was created for those who wanted to return to the activity after a long time and needed to refresh their techniques. We also worked on fortune techniques, use of the panto and small tricks to gain fluency in manoeuvres such as the split step or the progression itself. This is one of the most physical modules.

Photos courtesy of Natalia Morata

MODULE II - basic self-rescue manoeuvres: 19-20 March

During this module we were visited by Daniela Oyarzún, who took many wonderful pictures. We are very grateful for her interest in capturing our activity in images and we invite you to visit Daniela's profile on Instagram:

Daniela - ALDA EN ALTURA specialises in rope access photography. Don't hesitate to contact her if you need to capture your activity with a fresh and professional look.

Photos courtesy of Daniela Oyarzún


MODULE II - advanced self-rescue manoeuvres: 26-27 March

Photos courtesy of Natalia Morata

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Part of the proceeds from the workshop will go to the project "Cuerdas y Más, espeleología para niños"

Guide used for the course:

"Manuel technique de Speléologie", 2018, 3ème édition,

This activity supports the International Year of Caves and Karst:

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