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Workshop: introduction to caving · July-August 2021

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Between 20 July and 11 August 2021, modules I and II of the Introductory Caving Workshop were completed in Santiago, RM.

After the relaxation of mobility restrictions, it was possible to convene a second batch of module I and module II (you can check the complete workshop information here:ón-a-la-espeleología-2021-módulos-i-y-ii)


Produced by Alejandro Aguilera

In Module I (with a duration of two days in the field), 22 people participated, divided into 4 groups. In module II (also lasting two days in the field), 11 people participated, divided into two groups.

For this second round of the workshop, Natalia received the valuable assistance of Leonardo Rivas, which made it possible to extend the circuits and receive all the groups in four weeks.

GROUP1 (module I): 20-21 JULY 2021

Photos courtesy of Leonardo Rivas, Orlando Pino, Franz Kroeger, Natalia Morata

As in the first session in February, a theoretical session on the origins of modern caving, equipment, basic notions of karstology and the functioning of the French Federation of Speleology was organised for the participants of module I before the field activity.

GROUP 2 (mmodule I): 22-23 JULY 2021

Photos courtesy of Marco Águila, Natalia Morata

In the field, in module I, the participants learned how to use and adjust the equipment, how to tie and recognise basic knots and saw several basic rope progression manoeuvres in three circuits on the wall: ascending and descending, overcoming fractions with and without a pendulum, passing a deviation, passing a knot, changing direction, progressing along handrails, descending and ascending a zip line and some fortune techniques.

GROUP 3 (módulo I): 27-28 JULY 2021

Photos courtesy of Francisco Villarroel y Natalia Morata

On the first day of module II, the techniques of module I were reviewed, increasing the degree of difficulty (overcoming pendulums in ascent and descent, long handrails, progression on a horizontal zip line, ascent on a diagonal zip line) and some fortune techniques were also practised. The second day was devoted to self-rescue techniques to free a person from the croll with recovery on both ascent and descent (long line swing, pedal swing, crawl versus crawl, Spanish pendulum).

GROUP 4 (módulo II): 29-30 JULY 2021

Photos courtesy of Alejandro Aguilera y Natalia Morata

The calendar of activities of the association did not allow us to convene modules III and IV during the last months of 2021. However, we hope to be able to convene them during the first half of 2022. In the allocation of places, priority will be given to participants of previous modules and members of the Asociación Espeleológica de Patagonia.

GROUP 5 (módulo I): 05-06 AUGUST 2021

Photos courtesy of Ana María Rivera y Natalia Morata